1/700 Italian Bergamini FREMM Class Frigate


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The Bergamini class Frigates are some of the newest and most advanced additions to the Italian Navy. Currently, two variants are in service; a General Purpose variant and an Anti Submarine Warfare variant. The two share the same hull and platform, and many common sensor, weapon and defence suites with a few unique systems in each variant. The most noticable differences are the different main guns and the SLAT Decoy launcher which is only fitted to the ASW version. 

This kit features an all resin hull and fittings sprue, turned brass barrels for all variant options, a complete brass photo etch detail fret and a sheet of waterslide decals with accompanying assembly instructions. Using the parts supplied in the kit, either the GP or the ASW version can be completed and decals are included to represent all current vessels of the class in service with the Italian Navy. Includes two NH90 helicopters with photo etch rotor details. Length: 205mm Approx.

Product Weight: 0.2kg

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