1/700 Russian Gremyashchy Class Corvette


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The Gremyashchy Class Corvette is a development on the Russian Navy's current Steregushchy Class. These are multi-purpose warships, and have been designed with longer endurance in mind, as well as the ability to launch SS-N-26 or SS-N-27 cruise missiles. Additional armaments include a 100mm gun, VLS cells for Oniks, Kalibr or Medvedka milssiles, 2 x AK-630 CIWS, 8 x 330mm Torpedo tubes and various deck mounted small arms. The vessel is also equipped with a hangar and flight deck to operate a Kamov KA-27 utility helicopter. 

The kit features a resin hull and fittings frame, and is accompanied by a fret of highly detailed etched brass parts and turned brass gun barrel. The kit also includes two Kamov helicopters (1 x KA-27 and 1x KA-31) with etched brass details and turned brass gun barrel. To finish the model, decals for the lead ship of the class are provided. The finished model measures approximately 148mm.

Product Weight: 0.18kg

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