1/700 Zubr class LCAC Double Kit (2 x Hovercraft)


2020 Limited Edition: 250 Kits

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The Zubr Class air cushioned land craft (NATO name "Pomornik") is currently the largest operational hovercraft in the world. The class is currently in service with the Russian Navy, Greek Hellenic Navy and Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy. The hovercraft is designed to land infantry, vehicles and armour ashore as well as provide fire support for those units. Armed with two AK-630 gatling guns, two Ogon rocket launchers and four Strela man portable anti aircraft/anti personnel missile launchers stored in lockers on the bridge wings, these vessels are capable of defending themselves against various threats as well as possessing potent offensive capabilities. Therefore this class is an effective and versatile assault craft, able to travel in shallow or hazardous waters to deliver a sizeable strike force.

This 1/700 scale kit features highly detailed stereolithography 3D printed resin parts for two complete models, as well as brass photo etched details and a sheet of full colour waterslide decals to represent vessels in service with the Russian Navy, Hellenic Navy and People’s Liberation Army Navy.