About Us

Gwylan Models was founded in 2008. In the beginning, we produced diecast 1/1250 scale merchant and naval vessels for collectors. However we soon branched out into other scales and materials, and as of today our primary focus is on resin kits with brass etch and waterslide decal elements.

Our kits are designed in house, through a process of painstaking research we design each of our kits to be a faithful representation of the original subject that is user friendly as a model kit. Our computer generated 3D models are then 3D printed, and the masters are used to create silicone moulds from which we cast polyurethane resin kits. We also print our own decals in house, using the highly sought after ALPS MD-5500 printer. This allows us to create mainstream kit quality waterslide decals on the blue paper you're used to. Our brass etch parts are designed in house as part of the kit, and they are produced by a specialist to a high standard.  

All these elements come together to create the world-class resin model kits that have been favourably reviewed in many international publications and blogs. 

We hope you will enjoy building our models as much as we enjoy producing them!